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TakeUp Assy

TakeUp Assy

Conveyor Equipment
Pulley Takeup Assembly used for belt tensioning, fitted on both legs with quality bearing pillow blocks and full length independent captive screw adjustment.

Take Up Assemblies are used on conveyor systems to mount a tail pulley or take up pulley unit into the belt system. The Take-Up assembly allows for a large range of controlled lateral adjustment to finally positioning the pulley so to adjust out the unwanted slack in the conveyor belt and provide the required operating tension. 

This range of adjustment is accomplished through a robust captive screw adjustment system that runs independently and for the full length of both the legs of the take-up unit assembly. The physical structure of the take-up legs are manufactured as a fully fabricated structures and are available in a variety of overall lengths with bolt down mounting holes positioned to suited to a customer's existing frame dimensions.

The internal captive screw adjustment is supplied as a combination of a heavy grade galvanised threaded rod, fitted for the adjustment feature with a heavy duty cast bronze nut to complete the non-corrosive adjustment assembly feature in both legs of the assembly. The captive housings that mount the shaft of the pulley onto the two legs are supplied as commercial grade pillow or plummers blocks to the customers’ requirements in size and sealing features.

Take up assemblies can be supplied in either a painted or hot dipped galvanised finish.