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1000 Series Cantilever 3 Roll Set

1000 Series Cantilever 3 Roll Set

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Cantilever Trough Set used on very light applications where a trough belt form is required.

A 1000 series Cantilever 3 roll trough set is used on a conveyor system where a light load and uniform trough shape is required in the belt-form on the load side of the conveyor system.

The offset configuration of the rollers on the frame allows for a single direction operation of the belt on the conveyor system. The overall width of the trough frame can be constructed in a range of roller angles to suit all belt widths and the corresponding frame mounting bolt hole centres required, matched to suit a customer's existing conveyor structure.

The roller configuration on the frame can be supplied in a range of angles and roller lengths to suit a customer's belt width. The rollers if required as a complete assembly can be supplied from a range of industry standard diameters, with the centre roller positioned on the frame to suit the customer's conveyor belt roll back height requirement.

Cantilever frames can be supplied in either a painted or hot dipped galvanised finish