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Picking Set Impact Offset

Picking Set Impact Offset

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Impact Offset Picking set for transition between trough and flat carry where impact loads are present.

A Picking Set Impact (Offset) is used on the load side of the conveyor belt where a shock load is apparent and a transition is required in belt-form between flat and the trough along a section of the conveyor belt.

This style of frame can be also used consistently along the belt to form a predominately flat belt layout along the conveyor frame with only a small trough formed on the very edges of the belt width to prevent loss of product from the belt. As an offset frame structure the picking set can be used on a single directional belt layout.

The picking sets can be constructed as a full assembly complete with a full impact roller set, consisting of a longer single centre roller and pair of shorter matched wing rollers to suit each customers belt width and belt angle form requirements. The Picking Set impact frame mounting bolt hole centres can be configured to match a customer's existing conveyor structure. To support the structure of the frame as an impact picking set, additional strength bracing is included on the underside of the picking set frame base.

Picking set frames can be supplied in either a painted or hot dipped galvanised finish.