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Retractable Trough Frame (Removal)

Retractable Trough Frame (Removal)

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Retractable Trough Frame for dismantling and removal of complete frame assembly, with the carry belt remaining in place.

Retractable Trough Frames are used where a customer needs to remove a complete trough frame assembly from their conveyor structure without the requirement of having to remove the belt or break the belt to extract the frame.

The retractable frames are supplied in a total range of sizes to suit all industry belt widths and roller angle requirements. The structure of the frame is built to each customer's specific roller diameter and roll back height requirements. The operation of the frame in its configuration allows firstly for one of the wing rollers and its support brackets to be unbolted from the frame structure and removed horizontally from the assembly, allowing the belt to remain in tack and unaltered.

The remaining wing roller and joined centre roller can then be removed horizontally from the other side of the assembly.

This scenario then allows for either fresh rollers to be changed into the existing assembly or a complete fresh retractable assembly be installed into the system.