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Training Return Idler Assy

Training Return Idler Assy

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Return training idler used in various belt widths and diameters for supporting and tracking the belt on the return belt run.

A Training  Return Assembly is used on the return belt side of the conveyor which are bolted as a complete structure to the underside of the conveyor frame.

The unit incorporates a flat belt roller to suit the conveyor belt width that is mounted on a roller bearing swivel base that allows only the inner roller assembly in the frame, to track either way from a nominal central position in a horizontal plane. This swivel feature assists with guiding and supporting the belt across the full width of the return roller.

The roller in this assembly can be supplied as either a steel return idler or if required a rubber disc return unit. To assist further with the guiding of the belt the trainer frame also incorporates a pair of belt guide rollers that are mounted to suit the customer's belt width requirements. These guide rollers action against the side edge of the conveyor belt and assist with keeping the belt central to the main idler roller when the frame has a degree of swivel offset in its operation.