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Self Cleaning Finned Tail Pulley

Self Cleaning Finned Tail Pulley

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Finned Pulley is self cleaning and used on the tail of the belt for rib cleaning on heavy load applications.

The third style of Tail Pulley styles DRC traditionally offer is the ribbed or finned style unit.

This unit has a small diameter inner centre tube which has an array of heavy gauge steel plate fins welded to it through a 360-degree layout. On the outer edges of the fins, steel round bar is welded into position to form the outer diameter rim structure of the pulley. To support the robustness of the unit, tapered support plates are welded between each of the fins to firstly add strength and secondly to offer a self-cleaning feature angled skidway, to allow product that falls onto the pulley to easily escape the rotating fabricated structure.

If crowning is required on this style of Pulley, the finned plates are prefabricated with the crowning angle included in their shape so to reflect that angle form directly onto the outer bar stock lengths that are fabricated to the fins. This style of pulley is very strong and robust and is used predominately for use on heavy conveyor load applications.

Its self-cleaning design helps makes it a very reliable and low maintenance product and is traditionally requested and supplied in a removable shaft configuration for most customers.