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Slatted Tail Pulley

Slatted Tail Pulley

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Slatted Pulley is self cleaning and used for ribbing the belt to assist with dislodging product.

DRC Slatted Tail Pulleys are constructed completely to our customer's sizing and operational specifications. 

Slatted Pulleys are supplied as a rib structure configuration with either steel round bar or steel flat bars used as the materials to form the outer rim diameter of the pulley structure. This style of pulley is predominately used to assist with cleaning and dislodging product from the belt surface and allowing light grade product to move through the pulley body structure without becoming permanently lodged within the structure.

The ribbed outer shell is supported internally with a quantity of disc mounting plates that are positioned through the length of the pulley which strengthens the shell and supplies the mounting for the centre shaft either as a fixed welded unit or with taper locks mounts for a removable shaft style.

Depending upon its application the Slatted style is predominately used for light and medium load scenarios. The Slatted style of pulley has the ability to be used as either a Head or a Tail pulley on a conveyor structure.