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Step Pulley

Step Pulley

Conveyor Pulleys
Stepped Pulley Assembly to assist with tracking, belt tension and the drive wrap angle of the belt.

DRC produce to customer sizing and specified requirements, Stepped Pulley or Take up Pulleys. These units provide multiple features to the operating conveyor system which include belt tensioning, tracking alignment and increasing the wrap angle of the conveyor belt against the main drive pulley.

This style of pulley is very robust and can be supplied in an endless combination of diameter variations to suit specific customer needs. Traditionally this style of Pulley is supplied in the welded centre shaft configuration, however, it can be adapted to be supplied with a removable shaft if so requested by the customer.

This Pulley as an assembly can be supplied from DRD complete with all the necessary identified bearings assemblies, seals and mounting screws for a direct assembly onto the customer's conveyor.