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Tail Pulley - Drum

Tail Pulley - Drum

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Tail Pulley Assembly supplied with bearings, face crowning and lagging to suit product.

Each DRC Tail  Pulley is fully constructed to our customer's specific style, sizing, technical and operational requirements. Conveyor Tail Pulleys can be traditionally supplied from DRC in a base range of 3 individual styles that are commonly used throughout many industry sectors undertaking conveyor operations.

The range of Tail pulleys firstly includes the hard outer shell style unit built from heavy gauge diameter steel pipe for the shell. This style of pulley traditionally has a number of support plates located and welded internal of the drum to support, strengthen and add to the robustness of the pulley unit. These plates are also machined, prepared and aligned to offer the mounting features necessary to support the pulley centre shaf. This style of pulley has the option to be supplied in either a fixed shaft configuration, where the shaft is fully welded into position onto the outer 2 support plates. Or as a removable shaft configuration where a set of removable taper lock fittings are installed between the 2 end support plates and centre shaft to mechanically lock the unit into position.

On this drum style of pulley, a customer-specific tapered crowning profile can also be machined onto the outer diameter of the unit. Additional to this a customer-specific lagging coating can also be added to the outer shell of the unit after the crowning feature is machined. The assembly can be supplied to the customer with speed tags built into the unit if required. To complete the assembly the Tail Pulleys can be supplied as a complete pre-assembled unit with all identified bearings, bearing housings and seals mounted on the shaft ready for customer installation of the unit directly onto their conveyor.