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Impact Roller

Impact Roller

Conveyor Rollers
Impact Roller used in various quantities, sizes and lengths throughout the conveyor for trough, ldler and return belt operations.

DRC hold a stock range of the most commonly requested sized rubber disc inserts for the build of the  Impact and Rubber Disc Return rollers. In reflection to our extensive 50-year history in the production of conveyor equipment DRC take pride in specialising in the supply of small, med and large quantities of unique lengthed Impact rollers for our customers. The outer diameter of all disc inserts are traditionally supplied to the range identified by industry standards, however DRC specalise in the quick and quality supply of  Australian built standard and unique length special Impact rollers to suit all width conveyor structures and roller trough frame sizes required to operate on the structure.

In further support of our customer's specific steel roller requirements, DRC offer a further variety of customer specified features in the construction of a requested special Impact roller set. These alternative features can include a larger centre shaft diameter, matched heavier duty ZZC3 sealed roller bearings and dust seals to suit the shaft diameter nominated. DRC also offer a range of machined roller shaft end details to suit the customers existing conveyor roller mounting brackets and trough frame features.

All Impact Rollers ( idlers, returns, troughs) can be supplied from DRC ready to install complete with accompanying mounting brackets or trough frames to suit all conveyor requirements.